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Fort Wayne Pet Hospital
Orthopedic Surgery at Fort Wayne Pet Hospital
Here at Fort Wayne Pet Hospital, we have developed a niche offering specific uncomplicated orthopedic surgery.
This includes:
    + ACL Repair (Cruciate)
    + Luxating Patella Repair (Knee cap)
    + Simple Fracture Repair
    + FHO - Femoral Head Osteotomy 
    + Ampuation

It is our aim to offer a service to help your pet regain its comfort and mobility without breaking the bank. Dr. Seth is not a orthopedic specialist, however, he has a special interest in orthopedic surgery and has developed a confidence through continuing education and experience to offer these services. 

We utilize a variety of both drug and drug free protocols in order to give your pet the best possible and pain free outcome. 
    +Laser Light Therapy
    +Platelet Rich Plasma Injections
    +Adequan Injections
    +NSAID (Galliprant, Rimadyl, Metacam)
    +Hills J/D or Mobility Prescription Food
    +Power Joint Flex Joint Supplement 

*For complicated/non-typical orthopedic surgeries OR if you would like a board certified orthopedic surgeon to evaluate/perform on your pet - please contact :
    +NIVES (Northeast  Indiana Veterinary Emergency Specialty Hospital)     or
    +Purdue University Veterinary Hospital

ACL Repair 

-At FWPH we perform the "lateral suture" technique for ACL repair. 
    +Other techniques you may have heard of a the TPLO and TTA.
        >Both of these are specialized techniques that require cutting and repositioning the bone and a plate or         cage being placed into the knee joint. They are the "Gold Standard" surgery but also the most costly. 
    +Dr Seth has been performing the lateral suture technique for over 6 years and has done almost 300. 
        >The size of pet ranges from 15 lbs to 150 lbs. 
            *Pets over 100 lbs have a higher risk for less than 100% healing with the lateral suture technique,             however, considering the cost difference between the lateral suture and the TPLO surgery, as well as             FWPH success rate being very high - we are confident to offer the service. 
 TECHNIQUE:            PETS UNDER 40 lbs                                  PETS OVER 40 lbs
Patella Repair 

​-At FWPH we offer repair for "uncomplicated" patellar luxations.
    +Pets that fall into this category are those that have:
        >Grade II or less luxation
        >Ability to hold the patella in place while performing ROM without major tension.
        >Appropriate placement of the patellar ligament insertion into the tibial tuberosity. 
        >Non-significant femoral curvature. 
    +Pets that have one or more of these - would best be served seeking a consultation and potential surgery     with a board certified orthopedic surgeon as more cutting of bone/re-aligning ligament insertion/etc is     needed.
-Dr Seth performs a technique that generally involves 2-3 steps:
    +Check the patellar groove to ensure that it has appropriate depth, and deepen it if needed.
    +Loosen the overtightened fascia/tissue on the inside of the knee over-pulling on the patella. 
    +Tighten the floating patella/ligament to the appropriate place using surgical steel suture. 
-The surgery is not fail safe as the success depends upon the appropriate creation of scar tissue to keep the patella from sliding in and out again.
    +However most pets that are appropriately subdued and activity kept to a minimum for the 6-8 weeks after     surgery have done very well. 
        >Those pets who have for one reason or another failed to produce appropriate scar tissue or re-injured         the healing leg - a second surgery to repeat the procedure has had close to100% success in the past. 

Femoral Head Osteotomy

-A FHO is performed for a variety of reasons do to issues with the ball/socket hip joint. 
    +Hip Dysplasia
    +Fractures of the neck of the femur
    +Severe arthritis 
    +Dislocations that are reducible or >24 hours. 
-The FHO procedure is a "salvage" procedure that is meant to provide pain relief to the pet and form a "false joint" between the muscles/tendons of the pelvis and hip.
    +This will allow the return to comfortable function, but not as perfect as a normal dog or pet that     undergoes a more specialized hip surgery. 
        >The specialized surgery would be a Total Hip Replacement or a Pin and Toggle. 
-This has become a common surgery in cats and dogs under 60 lbs due to the cost of specialty surgeries and favorable outcomes of the FHO procedure at FWPH.