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Fort Wayne Pet Hospital
Canine Preventative Care
1 Year Rabies Vaccine
1 year DAPPL5
1 Year oral Bordetella
Annual blood test for heart worms and tick borne diseases.
Fecal Examination
Feline Preventative Care
1 year Purevax Rabies vaccine, combination 4 way Upper Respiratory, and Leukemia vaccines. 
Preventative Blood Testing
How old is your dog in human years?
How old is your cat in human years?
Fecal Examination
Blood test for feline leukemia, heartworm,  and FIV for at risk cats
Simparica chew - kills adult ticks and fleas and lasts for 1 month. 
Bravecto chew - kills adult ticks and fleas and lasts for 3 months!
Sentinel for heartworm prevention, intestinal parasites, and flea birth control. Give 1x per month year round.  
Revolution Plus for heartworm prevention, mites, all flea stages, and intestinal parasites.
Now with added flea and TICK control!
Health Certificates 

Sick pet care

Routine Surgeries 
    -Spay, castrate, dewclaw/declaw, dental cleaning.

Complex Surgeries
    -Growth removals, entropion repair, enucleation, mastectomy, amputation, perineal urethrostomy, FHO, episioplasty, hematoma, mandibulectomy, upper GI endoscopy, etc. 

Orthopedic Surgery
    -Dr Seth performs simple medial patellar luxation repair (est $500-700) as well as all  sizes of ACL repair with PRP injection (est $1000-1400)  (lateral suture technique). 

Other Services
Pro Heart 12
12 month injectable heartworm and intestinal parasite preventative 
Bravecto (Plus) for Cats - Kills fleas and ticks for 3 months! Plus includes heartworms.
Cytopoint Injectable                                        Apoquel
Our newest! The most complete protection in one single month pill-
Heartworms, Fleas, Ticks, Intestinal Parasites